Misty forest by  Kristjan Rems

Autumn forest 1 by Daniel Řeřicha
samechic-differentday asked:

Ahhhh you're so gorgeous, love your icon.❤️

YOU are so gorgeous, lovely!

And thank you for saying that.  :’) <— Me right now.

I hope your week has been a good one so far! *hugs* XX


Autumn reflection by David Pasztor

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Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say that you pick out the best pictures and they are so warm and cosy. Thank you for doing your blog! It's fabulous. Love autumnlyfe

Oh sheesh, thank you so much! You’re such a sweetheart. I’m happy you’re liking it! Your blog is so lovely too. Keep up the great work, luv! I hope the rest of your week is amazing. Take care! XX


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Anonymous asked:

This might sound a bit weird but thank you for reblogging pictures that have sources on them!!! I follow a lot of other fall blogs but most of them dont tend to reblog sourced pictures and it's a bit upsetting. You're blog is lovely and I hope you have a wonderful day/night

Aw, no problem, luv! I wonder why a blog wouldn’t want to re-blog sourced pics? Or do you mean that they re-upload pics that are already on Tumblr instead of re-blogging them? Either way, I think it’s great to see photographers/bloggers getting their credit and recognition for these gorgeous pics! And thank you so much; I hope you have a wonderful day/night too! XX

primadonnaandthediamonds asked:

your autumn blog is so lovely! i'm so glad i came across it i was trying to find perfect pictures for an autumn collage and your photos were perfect!! xx

That’s so awesome—best of luck with your collage! And thank you for the kind words, fellow fall-lover. So sweet of you! Hope the rest of your week is lovely! XX