hannibal-eats-the-rude asked:

Wow, I just realized that I've been visiting your blog for over a year, that's insane. I remember being in grade ten when I first started following you and know I'm a senior! How times have changed. Fall is quickly approaching, I'm from Alberta and you could smell just a hint in the air as soon as you stepped outside. Yay for us Canadians! How is life treating you, Autumn, I assume you're doing well?

It’s so insane—I was just thinking back to when I became a fall blog and was like, “I can’t believe I’ve kept this up for so long!”

I think it was August of 2012 when I started fall blogging. (That has a, “It was the war of 1812” tone to it, haha!) I think it’s so cool to hear that we’ve been following each other for so long. And you’re right—I can feel/smell the slightest hint of fall in the air already too. This has been a colder-than-normal summer in Toronto (thank goodness), so I think fall might make an early appearance this year. *crosses fingers and toes*

Life has been treating me very well, thank you so much for asking, m’friend. I definitely can’t complain. How’s life been treating you? I hope it’s been nice to ya! You seem so kind and pleasant. I hope your weekend was great, enjoy the countdown to fall! XX


Pumpkin Trail! by @Dave on Flickr.
niall-is-my-styles asked:

Hey Autumn! I love your name! I also love the fall(it's my favorite season) and I love your blog! It's perfect, and I aways wish it's Autumn when I see it. I love in Arizona so our fall isn't too long or pretty but sometimes up north it can be. (: love from Arizona -Chloe

Hey Chloe! Thank you so much for the Arizona love, and the name compliment. You’re the sweetest! *sends you love back, from Canada*
I feel you: am getting sooo excited for fall now. Seeing all these awesome fall blogs become super active makes me grin ear-to-ear! It’s almost pumpkin-spice-everything time! 🎃🍁
Hope you’ve had a great week so far, and thanks again for the message!


alittlemapletree asked:

Hey Autumn! I follow you on my other blog (its a funny light hearted blog) But I've made this new one a bit personal and serious. Your blog seriously stirs happiness in me, and it's something I've been struggling with lately. I love Fall, I love pumpkins, coffee, trees, the weather...everything I love your blog has it! Thank you so much! You've gained another follower! I hope I don't bore you with my posts haha! Much Love from NY <3

Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling to keep happy lately. I’ve been getting a lot of messages like that lately and I wish I could hug you all. I’m glad to hear that the blog helps a little. Everything you described made me want fall so bad right now: pumpkins, coffee, trees, the weather. Add in cozy sweaters, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, pumpkin candles and Halloween, then subtract the icky heat and we’re golden! 

Thanks for the love from New York. INY. (Will probably head there again this fall for a few days. It’s so pretty in October/November!) Hope you have a good week, and thank you for the message. Keep well! XX

3mily1394 asked:

Hi Autumn! (Btw I love your name!) I live in Tennessee and get a perfect Fall from about mid September- mid November. It amazing. I ride Horses and wear cowboy boots everyday in Autumn. I love it! Here's my question; how long is y'all's Autumn?

Hey there! Wow, your fall season sounds fun! You must be getting super pumped, eh? We’re pretty close now. In Canada where I live our fall sounds the same length as yours (mid-September until mid-November). Some years it stays hot through to the end of September, and some years we get early snow, but on average I’d say it’s about the same as yours. Thank you so much for the name compliment by the way! I hope your week has been a good one so far. Keep well, luv! XX


Dry [EXPLORED] by Halley Alexa on Flickr.