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It’s true, you are pretty awesome.

:’) You guys are the best! Seriously. Thank you for being you; never change. Your positivity and kindness are contagious! Thank you, luv.


Anonymous asked:

Can you make a list of things to do to enjoy the fall and all of its glory? I want to enjoy this season to the fullest but I don't know how! I already have apple orchards, walks, hot drinks, sweaters, football games, and movie nights. But what else?!

Hey there! The stuff you have so far sounds like fun! I actually recently found a list on Thought Catalog of 50 fun fall things to do, so you can check that out here. I know it’s date-focused, but you can do all that stuff with your friends too. 

Hope fall 2014 is a good one for you! XX

udismantleme asked:

I believe I've seen your blog so many times even when I didn't have one here. Guess I always find my way back. :')

That’s so awesome! Ah, it’s meant to be. Your blog is lovely, by the way! Happy almost fall. (Just over 2 days until it’s officially the loveliest season—wooo!)

Take care, and have a great weekend! XX

teenagerwithalife asked:

You're absolutely amazing! <3

This made my day—thank you so much, luv! :’)

You’re amazing, too! I hope you have an awesome weekend, and thank you again!


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