pachimino asked:

I don't know if someone ask it before but, where do you live ?

Hey, luv! I currently live in Toronto but am planning to hopefully move to Vancouver shortly. Am just really bored with and sick of this city and want to be somewhere surrounded by more nature. 🍁🌲
I hope your weekend has been nice so far. Thanks for dropping by! XX


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zaynisperfekt asked:

Favourite things about fall?:) Love your blog!

Hey! Thank you so very much. Happy you enjoy it. Some of my favorite fall things are hard to explain because they aren’t really seen, rather they’re felt. There’s a certain calmness in the air, and the temperatures dip, which always puts me in a better mood (me + extreme heat + smog = nope). Then there’s the fashion. Of all the seasons, I personally think fall has the nicest fashion—hands down. It’s not like winter where you’re weighed down with heavy jackets (I hate heavy jackets), and it’s not like summer where it hurts to wear black/dark colors because of the sun. I also love that I can cozy up in a soft sweater with a hot drink and burn a pumpkin candle and open a window to let the smell of woodsmoke in. I just love those things. Hard to explain why—they just make me really happy and at ease more than like, being on a sandy beach and drinking iced tea. 

What’s your favorite thing about fall? 

Hope you have a lovely night, and thanks again! XX

an-ode-to-the-trees asked:

Love Autumn and love your blog! :)

Thanks a ton! Just about 39 days left now. Have a great evening. XX