herbstundwintermaerchen asked:

I wish you a beautiful autumn. ♡

♡ Thank you so much for this—you’re so sweet! I wish you a beautiful autumn, too. Here’s to crunchy leaves, hot drinks, cold noses, cozy sweaters, pumpkin pie, and more fall goodness! *hugs*

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I've just read "My Darrling", and I just wanted you to now that I thought it was soo good! Couldn't stop reading, so exciting! And I would also like to say how much I love your blog! Really gets me in the right autumn-mood :)

:’) I’m so glad you liked it, lovely! Ah, thank you for reading—it seriously means so much! I’m currently working on extending the novella, so it’ll be a full-length novel eventually. 

Thank you for the compliment on the blog, too! I hope fall 2014 has been good to you so far. (It’s been hot here; still waiting on some chilly weather.) Have a wonderful week, and thank you so much again. *hugs*


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cozy-autumn-with-me asked:

How to become popular on tumblr? Please,tell me :)

Hi, dear! I’ll try to make this quick. A few things that can help get your blog some more love are:

1. Try to add new pictures to keep things fresh, and to help your fellow bloggers out. I think we’re always looking for something fresh and new to reblog. 2. Tag your pictures! Since you’re a fall blog, you want people who are looking for fall images to find you. Tag them with fall, autumn, cozy, etc. I like to even tag mine in different languages because it’s nice to think that I’m including some non-English speakers. 3. A nice, smooth, clean theme helps your content pop. If you can, add an eye-catching header. 4. Always be kind. Remember: when a person drops by your inbox to leave you a message, they’ve taken time from their day to say something nice to you, a stranger. Positivity is always refreshing and nice, so show them the same love back. 5. If you’re active on other social media, link to your blog from there. Tweet your URL, Facebook it, etc. 6. Lastly, you just have to give it time. It’s the cold hard truth, m’friend. I’m currently 18, 718 posts deep right now, and have been here since 2011. Haha. So time helps for sure. 

Good luck to you, and have a lovely fall! XX

leonovic asked:

That feeling when i See your Blog ... Whoa

Thank you so much! Fall images are so calming, aren’t they? That’s initially why I started this blog—I remember seeing fall pictures come through my feed and I’d always stop scrolling and stare at them. Fall is just so enchanting. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and thanks for the message! 

Anonymous asked:

why didn´t you answer my question?

Hi there! I actually have a blurb above my ask that explains that I can’t currently reply to every message. At this very moment I have over 800 messages—which, as you can understand, would take ages to reply to. Especially since I’m not a fan of giving people one-word replies. I like to take time to type out a proper, friendly reply. 

I also try not to have messages dominate my blog (and since a lot of them are anonymous like this one, I can’t answer privately). Answering them all would make my blog mostly asks, with very little autumn content. What I wish Tumblr would eventually do is make an option for answered asks to stream down the side of our blogs (kind of like a Twitter feed) so they’re there, but they don’t completely overrun the content, you know?

I do love hearing from every one, and I do read every single message and try to reply to as many as possible. I’m finishing up writing a novel right now, though, and extending another. Between writing, work, running an entertainment blog, running this fall blog, and various other things, it leaves me with so little time. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t reply right away. I promise it’s not that I didn’t like your message or something. And feel free to send me your question again. Thanks! XX